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IT Project Management


Download this worksheet in Word format.

Low-Risk Project Lifecycle Worksheet

Name of the project:


Write a short vision for your project:

What is your justification for your project? What problem will it solve?

Define your major goals.

Identify your Project Manager, Core Team and Stakeholders:

What resources (hardware, software, services, people) do you envision needing?

What is your preliminary budget? (attach a breakdown)

Has the team and stakeholders signed off on the above? Yes No


Attach a simple work plan with work assignments, time line with cost estimates.

If there are any special skills needed to accomplish this project, what are they?

What communication methods are you going to use and how will it flow?

Identify the risks inherent in this project, and how do you plan to mitigate them?


Write brief description of each of your status reviews. (if more, use the back)

What are some of your quality assurance procedures?


Specify what parts of the execution are not corresponding to the work plan.

What corrective action(s) are you taking to those processes not working according to the work plan?

Are the corrective actions working? Yes No (rework last two steps)

Is the current plan workable for completion? Yes No (adjust plan)


Are the users and stakeholders satisfied? Yes No

List some of the lessons learned.

Is there closure to the project? All loose ends complete?