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Information Technology is Reorganized at UVa

June 14, 2011

University of Virginia Vice President and Chief Information Officer James Hilton today announced the reorganization of his reporting areas at the University.

ISDS (Integrated System Deployment and Support) will be combined with ITC (Information Technology and Communication) into a new, single organization called UVa Information Technology Services (ITS).

ITS will be led by Associate VP Virginia Evans. “Having one central person at the helm setting priorities and determining resource allocation, will maximize the opportunity for flexibility and new efficiencies,” says Hilton.

The changes, effective today at 10:00 AM, merge the operations of ITC (including the University network, email, data storage, computing infrastructure, etc.), with those of ISDS (the Integrated System for Finance, Human Resources, and Student Information).

The reorganization also creates 6 strategic areas of priority. Leaders for each unit have also received new titles:

  • Jim Jokl will become Associate VP and Chief Enterprise Architect responsible for design and future evolution of our IT environment.
  • Don Reynard will become Assistant VP for Portfolio and Project Management, focusing on project management and resource allocation according to VP/CIO priorities.
  • Terry Lockard will become Assistant VP for Strategic Communications with a focus on external engagement with the University community—and beyond.
  • Shirley Payne will continue to serve as Assistant VP for Information Security, Policy, and Records Management. This strategic priority now includes access management.
  • Susie McCormick will become Assistant VP for Budget and Administration for the combined organization.
  • Tim Sigmon will become Assistant VP for Next Generation Scholarly Technology, heading up future development and acquisition of new teaching and learning technology tools and a partnership with the library for digital preservation.

Hilton said that this change is part of a larger effort by the Office of the VP/CIO to increase predictability of information technology services at the University. “To be predictable, we must be an organization that can be confidently relied upon to commit to services and projects in alignment with UVa's ambitions and priorities. Only with predictability can we achieve our goals of making UVa a place of choice for computationally-intense scholars; being seen as elite exemplars of production excellence for enterprise-wide services; and ensuring that IT is recognized as a strategic asset throughout the University.”

Hilton, working with a senior leadership team over the past several months to plan this change, said they also developed some design principles to use as a framework for evaluating the current organization and planning the new one.

He also noted that “although it has been a long time since IT had a major reorganization, the pace of technology calls for a more flexible approach in the future. We expect this to be a fluid organization adapting to meet ever-changing needs,” he added. Detailed organization chart >>