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Thomas Jefferson Visiting Fellowship at Downing College University of Cambridge

DEADLINE: December 20, 2012

Please notify all faculty members in your school who are eligible to be nominated Fellows of Downing College, Cambridge, for the Spring semester of 2014 (January to June, 2014) that, if interested, they should submit a proposal by December 20, 2012. This office will review the UVa faculty members nominated, and a total of 3 nominations will be forwarded to Downing College for final selection. In particular, please notify those who have been awarded Sesquis or other research leave for 2013-2014, as we no longer maintain those lists.

Eligible faculty are those working in a field taught at Cambridge. Everything taught at the University of Virginia is included except nursing. Our own rules are that the person selected must already have secured time off during the year for research. Under the agreement with Downing College, each institution pays its own faculty member, and this requires that our Downing nominees must be on the payroll here. The Provost's Office does not provide the salary funds; they must come either from sponsored research programs, from sesquicentennial associateships, or from the deans. Some dining privileges are provided by Downing and there is a pleasant apartment at Downing generally available in the spring. The Provost's Office pays the rental cost up to five months residence: the faculty member does not pay for lodging unless the five months is exceeded. We hope that makes it possible for more of our faculty to consider this opportunity. Downing has found it necessary to limit the invitation to the spring semester only.

Those who are interested should submit a cover letter, a brief proposal, including a statement of their intended activities while at Downing, and updated curriculum vitae to Cliff Maxwell ( This visiting fellowship can be of great value to the right person. In the last 20 years, we have sent faculty from Law, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences, and all have found it to be a very educational and enjoyable experience.