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UVa Center for International Studies Global Activities Grant Request Form

Please provide the following information when requesting funds from the CIS for global activities that are relevant to UVa's global mission:

1. Your name, title, department or unit, and contact information:

Filip Loncke, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Communication disorders program/ Linguistics
Human Services Department
Curry School of Education

2. The type of grant you are applying for:

Curriculum development

3. A detailed description of this project/activity including the purpose, participants, location, dates and other relevant information:

We would like to host a strategic meeting on maximizing and optimizing collaborative curriculum development and application: communication studie and speech pathology. We would like to convene our partners in two-day work meetings to solidify existing international collaborations efforts, set goals for the 18 months, and strategically plan for further development.

Streamline the collaborations that have organically evolved over the past three years into an action plan for the next eighteen months and a vision for further development and expansion.

Since 2009, we have developed collaboration between the Curry School of Education and University College Ghent (Belgium) and Radboud University. These collaborations are grounded in two Memoranda of Understanding between UVA and these institutions.

The collaboration has included:
(1) Three study abroad periods by UVA students (total 19) at University College Ghent in 2010, 2011, and 2012, and Radboud University
Nijmegen (2012)

(2) Faculty exchange lectures: UVA faculty Jane Hilton lectured in Ghent in 2009, 2011, and 2012, UVA faculty Filip Loncke lectured in Ghent in 2009 and in Nijmegen in 2009, 2011, and 2012. Paul Corthals (University College Ghent) lectured at UVA in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. Eliane Segers (Radboud University) lectured at UVA in 2012.

(3) Joint curriculum development and distance education: University College Ghent professor Paul Corthals and UVA professor Filip Loncke developed a set of common modules for Speech and Hearing Science courses. The modules that were developed (and that are actually in use as part of the blended course EDHS5020) include a distance education component.

(4) Joint research:
(4a) Undergraduate research: since 2009 our UVA undergraduate students have actively participated in research that was mainly conducted overseas and which led to conference presentations and manuscripts
(4b) Faculty research: one study into multimodality has been conducted as a multi-site international project (Loncke, Hilton, and Corthals)

As this network has become intensified and strengthened, it is time to develop a stronger frame of collaboration that will include (but not be limited to) (1) more funded research, (2) more distance education, (3) further development of student exchange.|

Recently, the UVA linguistics program (College of Arts and Science) has joined this collaboration – we are planning a study abroad program for UVA students at University College Ghent in June 2013.

The meeting will probably be held in UVA facilities. Specific location remains to be determined.

Date of the meeting:
Projected dates are 8 – 9 February 2013


We anticipate holding work meetings with a limited number of participants. The core participants (i.e., participants for all the sessions) will be two representatives from University College Ghent, two representatives from Radboud University, Filip Loncke, one representative from International Studies Office, one UVA graduate student, one representative from the UVA linguistics program.

For specific sessions, we will invite members of the UVA community to introduce aspects (see below). These include Curry leadership representatives (Rebecca
Kneedler), Communication disorders program faculty members, one undergraduate and one graduate student, Dan Berch, one expert in distance education. Others can be included as program planning progresses.

Tentative program:

The program will successively address several aspects of the present and future collaboration. A member of the group will introduce each aspect. The subsequent discussion will be focused on practical conclusions that are potential action items. At the end of the two days, an extended session will bring all the action items together in order to prioritize, and eliminate contradictions. The final result will be a detailed action plan for the next 18 months.|

Outcome/ deliverables:

1. Vision document – this document will be the guideline to help further planning and steering of action within this collaborative network.

2. Plan of action for the collaborative network – the action plan will consist of a detailed month-by-month description of actions to be taken.

Partners - external:

1. University College Ghent
2. Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

UVA Partners:

1. Curry school of Education (EDHS – Communication Disorders Program)
2. College of Arts and Science (Linguistics program)
3. International Studies Office

4. A brief statement on how the project contributes to UVa Center for International Studies' mission, and/or how it has the potential to deepen global learning:

UVA's Center for International Studies' mission is the formation of interdisciplinary university-wide faculty working groups on international issues. The proposed meeting builds further on an already interdisciplinary working group (higher education, speech pathology, linguistics, psychology) and intends to strengthen the collaboration. As described above, our group will include participants coming from different UVA units contributing to an integrated vision. Also, we have assumed a gradual-growth approach, i.e. we want to expand the units that are part of the network (e.g. the linguistics program is a recent addition), the partners (Radboud University was only added to the Study Abroad program in 2012) and the areas of collaboration (we are looking at extending curriculum development and certainly distance education, as well as adding a stronger joint research component).

5. An itemized overall budget and amount requested from CIS:


6. Sources of co-funding (pending and/or received):