2008 Workshops

2008 FREE CLA Workshops

Presented by Center for the Liberal Arts
and The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation
for all Virginia High School Teachers
Saturday, February 9, 2008


Professor Alison Booth

This one-day workshop will examine Jane Austen and her six novels from different angles, ranging from the history, culture, and ideology of her lifetime (1775-1817) and her literary period, the Regency, to recent critical approaches and popular film adaptations. Designed to be freshly informative as well as practical for high school teachers, the presentations by distinguished professors also aim to satisfy both the Austen fans and those who are new to this author. Presenters include Professors Alison Booth (organizer) and Susan Fraiman of the University of Virginia, Professor Deborah Morse of the College of William and Mary, and Professor Kristin Samuelian of George Mason University. Participants should have read at least two Jane Austen novels in advance; discussions, referring to all her work, will focus special attention on Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion.

*PBS Masterpiece Theatre will be presenting “The Complete Jane Austen” starting January 13 and will run each Sunday thru April.
(There will be a gap in March)
It is encouraged that you watch the series

Also, Professor Booth and Fraiman will be participating in a Barnes and Noble book club on each Wednesday evening following the Jane Austen presentation on PBS. This will possibly take place in other regions of VA also.
Professor Booth suggests that you may want to look at this guide provided by PBS.





Professsor Jon Mikalson and Professor John Miller

On Sunday, February 17, 2008 the Live Arts Theater in Charlottesville will be staging Aristophanes’ Lysistrata , directed by Larry Goldstein. It is a wonderful, bawdy, and exceptionally funny tale of a “sex strike” by Athenian women against their husbands until the men give up their long and annoying war with the Spartans.

The Classics Project of the Center for the Liberal Arts invites all teachers to participate in a program featuring the Lysistrata , with talks by faculty and the Director of the play, a round table, free flowing discussion over lunch, a performance of the play, and, to conclude the day, a post-performance A Backstage Live @ event with the actors and Director. The whole day ‘ s program will be held at the Live Arts Theater, 123 E.Water Street , Charlottesville , with abundant parking in the immediate area. Participation will be limited to 40 teachers.



APRIL 26, 2008

¿Qué decís vosotros? ¿Qué tú dices? ¿Qué decís vos?: La variación lingüística en el mundo hispanohablante.

The Spanish-speaking world is a fountain of linguistic variation. From one region to another, as well as from one segment of society to another, one can observe differences in pronunciation, forms and use of pronouns and verbs, different words to identify the same item, as well as the same word with very different meanings from region to region. It is this linguistic diversity that makes the Spanish language such a fascinating object of study for dialectologists and sociolinguists.

Professors Fernando Tejedo and Joel Rini of the University of Virginia, together with Professor Roger Wright of the University of Liverpool, will explore with the participants of this workshop the most salient features of the major varieties of the Spanish language, and when relevant, their origins. In addition, notions such as “language”, “dialect”, “variety”, “register”, “Castilian”, and “Spanish” will be considered and discussed, as well as what such variation means for the teaching of Spanish.