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Center for the Liberal Arts
presents the following Professional Development Programs for Teachers

Fall 2017 Programs are available for FREE to Virginia K-12 Teachers

Coffee, pastries, and lunch are provided free for all participants. Participants will also receive a certificate indicating completion of at least four-and-a-half hours of professional development.


Classics In America: Responses to Ancient Greece and Rome, from The Founding Fathers to Rita Dove

November 4th, 2017
To be held at Howard University
Sponsored by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, with assistance from
The Center for the Liberal Arts, University of Virginia

Ancient Greece and Rome have long held the imagination of American writers, scholars, scientists, artists, and politicians from the early colonial period to contemporary times. Its influence, therefore, emerges in the teaching of various subjects–history and government, English, Latin and other languages and literatures, drama, and art. For the inaugural Classics workshop at Howard University in collaboration with UVA, this workshop will focus on the tremendous influence of Classics in American history, scholarship, and culture.

CLA-Arthur Vining Davis Foundations History Workshop…American Migrations

November 11th, 2017
People most everywhere are crossing borders, perhaps in numbers never before seen. When we think of these crossings in the Americas, we imagine them as a one-way street, and from south to north. But people have moved around in any number of directions within the hemisphere, and have been doing so for generations.

This one day workshop sponsored by the University’s Center for the Liberal Arts and supported by a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations will offer rich perspectives on the humanity of migrants throughout the Americas, a broad context within which to teach the stories of those reaching the borders of the United States from the global south, and the long history of U.S. policies toward these newcomers.