Upcoming FREE Saturday Workshops for Teachers

Center for the Liberal Arts
presents the following upcoming FREE workshops

Spring 2015 Workshops are available for FREE to Virginia K-12 Teachers

Coffee, pastries, and lunch are provided free for all participants. Participants will also receive a certificate indicating completion of at least four-and-a-half hours of professional development.


Greek, Latin, and Indo-European in American Language of Government, Literature, Law, and Life

(November 7th, 2015)
To Be Held at Zehmer Hall
We offer this workshop as an introduction to Greek and Latin and to an exploration of some of the familiar words, phrases, quotes, and abbreviations derived from them, concentrating especially on terminology of literature, government, and history. It will be an opportunity to understand better the words and terminology we use with one another and in our teaching every day.

Shakespeare First Folio Workshop

(April 9th, 2016)
To be held at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library Auditorium

  • Registrations to begin in September 2015