Lingua Sed Torpet: Manifestations of Emotion
in the Ancient World

Twelfth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday, February 16, 2008.


All talks will be held in 125 Minor Hall.

9:30  Breakfast in the atrium of Minor Hall

10:00  First set of graduate student papers:

"Transforming Relationships through Emotional Expression in Sophocles' Electra"
Teresa M. Lemieux,University of Chicago

"Reconstructing Rome: Vespasian in the Capitolium"
Karen Acton, University of Michigan

11:00  Coffee break

11:15  Second set of graduate student papers:

"Brutalized Bodies and Broken Categories in Catullus 8 and 40"
Jessica McCutcheon, Yale University

"Blood, Guts, and Laughter: Dark Humour in Statius' Thebaid V"
Kyle Gervais, Queen's University

12:15  Lunch

2:15  Keynote address:

"Weeping for Joy: A Paradox in the Expression of Emotion"
David Konstan, Brown University

3:30  Coffee break

3:45  Third set of graduate student papers:

"The Peripatetic View of the Passions"
Emily Fletcher, University of Toronto

"Lucretius and the Conquest of Emotion"
Rhett W. Jenkins, University of Pittsburgh

4:45  Reception in the atrium of Minor Hall