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Thirteenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday, March 14, 2009.


All talks will be held in 125 Minor Hall.

9:00  Breakfast in the atrium of Minor Hall

9:30-10:30  First set of graduate student papers:

"With Deepest Sympathy: Epistolarity and Consolation"
Mallory A. Monaco, Princeton University

"Mitto me in mare: The Philosophic Allegory of Seneca, Epistle 53"
David Hewett, University of Virginia

10:30  Coffee break

10:45-11:45  Second set of graduate student papers:

"Littera Arcana: The Literary Passion of Byblis"
Hilary Lehmann, UCLA

"A Gendered Genre? : Embedded Letters and Erotic Identity in Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Clitophon"
Emily Rush, UCLA

11:45  Lunch break

1:30  Keynote address:

"Metaphors and Motivation: Stoicism for Seneca's Roman Readers"
Shadi Bartsch, Brown University

2:30  Coffee break

2:45-3:45  Third set of graduate student papers:

"A Tyrant's Grasp of Tradition: the Letters of Phalaris"
John Paul Christy, University of Pennsylvania

"'I Fear the Romans': Cicero's Epistolary Self-Representation as Hector"
Donna Zuckerberg, Princeton University

4:00  Reception in the atrium of Minor Hall