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Fourteenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday, March 20, 2010.

  The Classics Graduate Student Association of the University of Virginia announces its Fourteenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, to be held in Charlottesville on March 20, 2010. John Marincola, Leon Golden Professor of Classics at Florida State University, will deliver a  keynote address entitiled "Ancient Historians and Historical Innovation."

  This colloquium will explore innovation in antiquity, its recognition and reception.   How is the innovative distinguished from the traditional?  How are innovations made in technology? How do historians mark innovative technologies and ideas over the course of time?  What influence do these innovations bring to bear on society?  Is the new inherently superior to the old?  Is it inherently inferior?   What cultural values underscored ancient reception of contemporary innovation in warfare, government, art and rhetoric?  Is the innovative associated with any particular social class, gender, or geographic location?  Is the traditional?  How do ancient authors innovate within the context of literary tradition?  When do they avoid innovation and when do they embrace it?  How do individual genres incorporate innovations over time, and when does a new genre arise from an old one?   How concerned are ancient authors to situate themselves within a literary tradition?

  Any questions may be addressed to colloquium organizers Daniel Moore (dwm7a at virginia.edu) or Blanche Conger (bmc3p at virginia.edu).