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Sixteenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday, April 7, 2012.

  The Classics Graduate Student Association of the University of Virginia announces its Sixteenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, to be held in Charlottesville on April 7, 2012. Daniel Ogden, Professor of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter, will deliver a keynote address entitled "The Birth of the Christian Dragon."

  Stories of the superhuman and the subhuman feature prominently in many expressions of classical culture, and these depictions have left strong legacies in the cultures that evolved out of and around the Greco-Roman world. This program examines with fresh insight the vital and varied role of monsters in antiquity and beyond. Professor Ogden's keynote address will explore the Classical antecedents of early saintly dragon-slaying stories, focusing on the continuity and mutation of motifs between the Classical and early Christian traditions.

  Graduate speakers from universities in Britain and the United States will present papers on topics of interest to scholars in a wide range of fields, including Classics, Art and Archaeology, Religious Studies, and Medieval Studies. The talks will address texts drawn from diverse periods, from the Archaic Age of Greece to Medieval Europe.

  Any questions may be addressed to colloquium organizers Jennifer LaFleur (jll4x at virginia.edu) or Benjamin Jasnow (bbj9t at virginia.edu).