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Nox Erat:
Night and Nocturnal Activities in the Ancient World

Seventeenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday, March 23, 2013.

  The Classics Graduate Student Association of the University of Virginia announces its Seventeenth Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, to be held in Charlottesville on March 23, 2013. Catherine Keane, Associate Professor of Classics at Washington University in St. Louis, will deliver a keynote address entitled "Lucubration Nation."

  From lovers' trysts to covens of witches, from all-night parties to midnight raids, from dreams to insomnia, night in the ancient world is far from an empty darkness that merely marks the interval between sunset and sunrise. This colloquium aims to consider the characteristics and depictions of night both as mythological figure and temporal experience, while also exploring the social and cultural aspects of nighttime events.

  Any questions may be addressed to colloquium organizers Sarah Miller (sjm8v@virginia.edu) or Courtney Evans (cme2c@virginia.edu).