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NEW 10/21/11: Greeks and Romans for Spring 2012 is now available in PDF format.

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Fall Term 2011

  • September 10 (Sat.), Fall meeting of the Classical Association of Virginia, South Meeting Room, Newcomb Hall.
  • September 23 (Fri.), Thomas Noble Howe (Southwestern University, Coordinator General, Restoring Ancient Stabiae Foundation), ‘The Garden of Flora: New Discoveries at the Roman Seaside Villas of Stabiae near Pompeii’, 5 PM, 160 Campbell Hall. (AIA Lecture)
  • September 27 (Tues.), John Rich (University of Nottingham), ‘Re-assembling the Past: The Fragments of the Roman Historians’, 5 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Page Barbour Lecture)
  • October 3 (Mon.), Ward Briggs (University of South Carolina), ‘Through the Fire: The Civil War and Classical Study’, 5:30 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Friends of Classics Lecture)
  • October 6 (Thurs.), Visit from the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, D. C.
  • October 20 (Thurs.), Silvia Montiglio (Basil L. Gildersleeve Professor of Classics, Johns Hopkins University) ‘The Call of Blood: Greek Origins of a Motif’, 5 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (James S. Constantine Lecture)
  • October 25 (Tues.), T. J. Cornell (University of Manchester), ‘Cato, the Origines, and the Roman Commonwealth in the Second Century BC’, 5 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Page Barbour Lecture)
  • November 3 (Thurs.), Matthew Canepa (University of Minnesota), ‘Theorizing Cross-Cultural Interaction between Rome and Persia in Late Antiquity. City as Stage, Art and Ritual as Statecraft’, 5:30 PM, Campbell 153.
  • November 9 (Wed.), Inci Delemen (Istanbul University), ‘The City of Perge’, 6:30 PM, 160 Campbell Hall (Title and date subject to change). (AIA Lecture, co-sponsored with American Friends of Turkey)

  • Spring Term 2012

    • February 2 (Thurs.), Francesca Tronchin (Rhodes College) ‘Reconsidering the Authenticity of a Posthumous Portrait of the Emperor Augustus’, 5:30 PM, 153 Campbell Hall (AIA Lecture)
    • February 10 (Fri.), Zoe Stamatopoulou (Penn State), ‘Inscribing Performances: the Case of Pindar’s Olympian 6’, 5:30 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Alumni/ae Lecture)
    • February 13 (Mon.), Hunter Rawlings (Cornell University), ‘The Founders and the Classics’, 5:30 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Friends of the Classics Lecture)
    • March 13 (Tues.), Timothy Rood (Oxford University), ‘Thucydides and Homeric Scholarship’, 5 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall.
    • March 27 (Tues.), Richard Hunter (Cambridge University), ‘The song of Ares and Aphrodite’, 5 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall.
    • April 7 (Sat.), 16th Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, Something Wicked That Way Went: Monsters and Monstrosity in Classical Antiquity, Keynote Speaker: Daniel Ogden, University of Exeter.
    • April 9 (Mon.), Yiannis Lolos (University of Thessaly), ‘The Archaeological Exploration of Sikyon: A Comprehensive Approach to the Study of a Greek City-State,’ 5:30 PM, 153 Campbell Hall. (AIA Lecture)
    • April 12 (Thurs.), Peter White (University of Chicago), ‘Publishing Letters after Cicero: Why Even Bother?’, 5 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Arthur Stocker Lecture)
    • April 19 (Thurs.), Bernie Frischer (UVA), ‘From the Rubble to [Virtual] Reality: Ancient Monuments Rise From The Dust’, 5:30 PM, 158 Campbell Hall. (Friends of Classics Lecture)
    • April 24 (Tues.), Christopher Pelling (Oxford University), ‘How the Greeks Explained History: Thucydides’, 5:00 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Classics and History, with the support of the Page-Barbour Fund)
    • April 26 (Thurs.), Simon James (University of Leicester), ‘Death in the dark, blood in the streets: mine combat and street fighting at Dura-Europos, Syria, ca. AD 256’, 5:30 PM, 158 Campbell Hall.

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