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NEW 3/30/12: Greeks and Romans for Summer 2012 is now available.

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Spring Term 2013

  • Feb. 27 (Wed.), Gregory Hays (UVA Classics), 'Pages from the Past: Medieval Manuscripts at UVA.' 5:30 PM, Harrison/Small Auditorium. Friends of Classics talk. Reception to follow.
  • Mar. 20 (Wed.), Hugh Bowden (King's College London),'"King Alexander the Invincible God": Alexander the Great and Ruler Cult.' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room. Co-sponsored by Classics, History, and Art.
  • Mar. 23 (Sat.), 17th Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, Nox Erat: Night and Nocturnal Activities in the Ancient World.' Keynote Speaker: Catherine Keane, Washington University in St. Louis, "Lucubration Nation." Time TBA, Minor Hall Auditorium.
  • Mar. 26 (Tue.), Walter Scheidel (Stanford), 'The Lives of the Twelve Hundred Caesars: Roman Emperors, Global Comparisons.' 5:00 PM, Rouss/Robertson Room 254. Co-sponsored by History, Art, and Classics.
  • Apr. 12 (Fri.), Gregson Davis (NYU), 'Amores Solliciti: The Vergilian Critique of Elegiac Amor in Bucolics 10.' 3:00 PM, Rotunda, Lower West Oval Room. Annual Arthur F. Stocker Lecture.
  • Apr. 22 (Mon.), Salvador Bartera (Univ. of Tennessee), 'Tacitus' Virgil.' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room. Second Annual Classics Alumni Lecture.

  • Fall Term 2012

    • Sept. 21 (Fri.), Christopher Francese (Dickinson College), 'Classical Commentary in a Digital Environment.' 3:00 PM, Nau Hall 341.
    • Sept. 22 (Sat.), Fall meeting of the Classical Assoc. of Virginia. Newcomb Hall, South Meeting Room.
    • Sept. 27 (Thurs.), John F. Miller (University of Virginia), Inaugural lecture as Arthur F. and Marian W. Stocker Chair: ‘Virgil's Salian Hymn to Hercules.’ 5:00 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall. (Friends of Classics Lecture).
    • Oct. 4 (Thurs.), Peter Knox (University of Colorado), ‘Picturing Ovid at Pompeii.’ 5:00 PM, Rouss Hall, Room 254.
    • Oct. 15 (Mon.), Hunter R. Rawlings III (American Association of Universities), 'The Future of the University.' 4:00 PM, Minor Hall auditorium.
    • Oct 15 (Mon.), Ruth Scodel (University of Michgian), ‘Homeric Theory of Mind.’ Annual James Constantine Lecture, 5:30 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall.
    • Nov. 2 (Fri.), Kathleen Lynch (University of Cincinnati), 'At Home in Archaic Athens: The The Archaeology of a House near the Athenian Agora.' 160 Campbell. (AIA Lecture).
    • Nov. 8 (Thurs.), Maggie Kilgour (McGill University), 'Ovidian Tradition.' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall.
    • Nov. 13-15 (Tues.-Thurs.), Peter Brown (Princeton University), Page-Barbour Lectures. All lectures will be in the Harrison Auditorium with a reception to follow.
    • Lecture 1: ‘'Remember the Poor': Leadership and Giving from Paul to Cyprian.’ Tuesday, November 13 at 4 pm.
    • Lecture 2: ‘'In the Likeness of the Angels': Alms and Labor in Third- and Fourth-Century Syria.’ Wednesday, November 14 at 4 pm.
    • Lecture 3: ‘'The Work of the Hands . . . the Glory of Egypt': Monks and Work in Fourth-Century Egypt.’ Thursday, November 15 at 4pm.
    • Nov. 16 (Fri.), Martha C. Nussbaum (University of Chicago, Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures), TBA.

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