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Spring Term 2014

  • Jan. 21 (Tues.) Irene Lemos (Oxford), 'Out of the Dark: Lefkandi in Euboea after 1200 BCE.' 5:30 PM, Place TBA. (AIA Lecture)
  • March 5 (Wed.) Michael Meckler (Ohio State), 'Dog Breeds in Classical Antiquity.' 5:30 PM, 403 Rouss Hall (Friends of Classics Talk)
  • March 19 (Wed.) Jane Alison (UVA English), will give a reading from her new book, Change Me: Stories of Sexual Transformation from Ovid." The talk will be followed by discussion. 4:00 PM, Harrison/Small Auditorium (Sponsored by Friends of Classics and the Virginial Festival of the Book)
  • Mar. 20 (Thurs.) Daniel Mendelsohn (Bard College) will read from his work, "An Odyssey: A Father, A Son, and an Epic." 6:00 PM, Harrison/Small Auditorium. (Virginia Festival Of the Book)
  • March 22 (Sat.) 18th Annual Graduate Student Colloquium: "Imagining the Edge: Peripheral Spaces and Marginal Voices in the Ancient World." Keynote Speaker: Professor Erich S. Gruen, University of California Berkeley. 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Minor Hall 151
  • March 24 (Mon.) Jon Solomon (Illinois), 'Ovid's Influence on the Opera.' 5:00 PM, Rouss 403 (Lecture series in the Ovidian Tradition)
  • March 25 (Tues.) Simon James (Leicester), 'Ancient Rome and the Clash of Civilizations: Or, the Curious History of Artifact H278.' 5:30 PM, Place TBA. (AIA Lecture)
  • March 27-29 (Thurs.-Sat.) International conference 'Tracking Hermes/Mercury.' Twenty-one talks over an evening and two full days at an event promising to be both hermetic and mercurial.
  • April 10 (Thurs.) Edward Champlin (Princeton), 'Tiberius from Myth to History.' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall (Stocker Lecture)
  • April 14 (Mon.) Ewen Bowie (Oxford), 'Cultic Contexts for the Performance of Early Greek Elegy?' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall
  • April 17 (Thurs.) James Clackson (Cambridge), 'Tracking Social Variation in the Language of Greek and Roman Literature.' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall
  • April 18 (Fri.) James Clackson (Cambridge), 'Language Families and Language Contact: Latin, Sabellian and Greek.' 4:00 pm, Cocke Hall 115
  • APril 25 (Fri.) Richard Seaford (Exeter), Title: TBA. 5:00 PM, Gibson Room, Cocke Hall

  • Fall Term 2013

    • Sept. 12 (Thurs.), Marilynn Desmond (Binghamton), 'Mixing Memory and Desire in the Vernacular translatio of Ovid's Heroides: From the Histoire ancienne to Chaucer's Legend of Good Women.' 5:30 PM, Gibson Room in Cocke Hall. Reception to follow in Classics Vestibule. (In series on the Ovidian Tradition)
    • Sept. 18 (Wed.), John Camp (Randolph Macon; Director of Athenian Agora Excavations), 'Recent Excavations in the Athenian Agora.' 6:15 PM, Minor Hall Auditorium. Reception to follow in the Classics vestibule. (Friends of Classics Talk)
    • Sept. 25 (Wed.), John Oakley (William and Mary), 'The Influence of Greek Sculpture on American Gravestones.' 5:30 PM, Campbell Hall. (AIA Lecture)
    • Sept. 26 (Thurs.) Donna Hurley (Independent Scholar), 'Suetonius' Rubric Sandwich.' 5:00 PM, Location TBA.
    • Oct. 10 (Thurs.), Elise Friedland (George Washington University), 'Seeing the Gods in the Sanctuary of Pan at Caesarea Philippi/Panias (Israel).' Time TBA, 158 Campbell Hall. Reception to follow in Fayerweather Lounge. (Co-sponsored by Classics and the Charlottesville AIA).
    • Oct. 28 (Mon.) Anna Chahoud (Trinity Dublin), 'Figures and Formulae of Contempt from Cato to Cicero.' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room in Cocke Hall.
    • Nov. 4 (Mon.), Lisa Pieraccini (Berkeley), 'The Ever Elusive Etruscan Egg.' 5:30 PM, 160 Campbell Hall. (AIA Lecture).
    • Nov. 7 (Thurs.), Harvey Yunis (Rice), 'Performance, Text, and Arousing Emotions in Classical Athenian Rhetoric, with particular reference to Demosthenes' Speech On the Crown.' 5:00 PM, Gibson Room in Cocke Hall. (Constantine Lecture)

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