The Department encourages early application for admission. Information and necessary forms for both admission and financial aid and an on-line version of the catalogue of the Graduate School may be obtained by visiting the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences web site. The application fee is now $85.00. All applicants interested in obtaining a PhD should apply directly to the PhD program (not MA).

Supporting papers must include an official transcript of the applicant's previous academic record, at least two letters of recommendation from persons qualified to appraise the applicant's scholarly potential and knowledge of the ancient languages, and GRE scores. All of these, including the letters of recommendation, must be submitted online. We also encourage applicants to submit written samples of their work (preferably on a subject in Classics).

The application form, transcripts, recommendations, GRE scores and writing sample should be sent to the Graduate School via the online application. All applications for fellowships and other financial aid must be received complete by January 15. (N.B. It is important to make sure that your application is complete by the deadline, so please inform your letter-writers that their letters must be submitted by January 15.) Successful applicants for fellowship support are usually notified in February and March.

Our M.A. and Ph.D. programs concentrate on language and literature, and we therefore stress mastery of the ancient languages. Although we also consider applications from students who, because of starting late or for some other reason, have achieved proficiency in only one of the two languages, our strongest applicants have typically had at least 3-4 years at the college level of one ancient language and 2-3 years of the second language.

After proficiency in the languages is established, we expect students to pursue independent scholarly research projects in seminars and in theses and dissertations. Our offerings include a cycle of courses on the major ancient authors and genres, Greek and Latin composition, and advanced seminars on special topics. We particularly encourage applications from students whose interests coincide with the research areas of the faculty, and we welcome visits from interested students.

For question relating to graduate admissions, please contact:
Director of Graduate Admissions
Department of Classics
P.O. Box 400788
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4788

Cocke Hall, home of the Department of Classics.