Graduate students in the Department of Classics are eligible for funding from various sources--Presidential Fellowships from the Graduate School, Gildersleeve Fellowships from the Department, Teaching Assistantships, Graduate School Dissertation Fellowships, and Francis Lazenby Scholarships for summer study.

Fellowship packages are guaranteed at the amount of the original offer for five years, provided that satisfactory progress is made toward the degree. Frequently a sixth year of full funding is awarded.

Typically, students entering with fellowship support have no teaching or other duties in the first year, so that they can concentrate wholly on their studies. In subsequent years they will have the opportunity to teach in a variety of settings, which well prepares them for a career in teaching: first as section leaders in elementary Latin and Greek courses taught by faculty, then as independent instructors of intermediate or intensive beginning Latin and as discussion leaders for sections of classical civilization courses.

Summer support is available from the Francis Lazenby Scholarship Fund. Moreover, there are several opportunities to teach for the Department during the summer, including the Summer Latin Institute which graduate students both administer and teach.

Funds to support travel to conferences are available from the Graduate School and the Department.

Currently, the funding package is $18,000 plus tuition and health insurance. The Department endeavors to keep funding for all students at the same level. When the Graduate School increases fellowship stipends for entering students, the Department of Classics makes every effort to increase correspondingly the level of support of all entering and continuing students.

The Jefferson Scholars Foundation awards a small number of very generous fellowships to entering graduate students on a competitive basis. This is a new program open to all departments, in which Classics has done well so far.

For further information on graduate funding contact the Director of Graduate Admissions in the Department of Classics.

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