Requirements, Exams, Reading Lists

READING LISTS (for more information see the Graduate Student Handbook):
Revised (April/May 2011) Reading Lists: GREEK | LATIN
Previous Reading lists (though April 2011): GREEK | LATIN

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE M.A. (for more information see the Graduate Student Handbook):
The two-year M.A. program comprises the following:

1. Thirty hours of graduate-level coursework (numbered 5000 or above), of which at least eighteen hours must be courses in Greek and Latin taken in the Department. No more than six hours of directed research may be counted toward this total.
2. M.A. translation exam (Greek or Latin)
3. Translation exam in one modern foreign language
4. Greek or Roman history requirement:
The History requirement may be fulfilled in one of two ways:
a. If students audit HIEU 2031 or 2041 (Survey of Greek or Roman History respectively) and pass both the midterm and final with grades of B or better on both, the corresponding departmental history exam will be waived.
b. A two-hour departmental exam on the history of Greece from the Mycenaean Age to the death of Alexander OR on the history of Rome from the origins to the death of Constantine.
5. M.A. paper
6. Final oral examination on the history of Greek or Latin literature.
7. Proficiency requirement in the second classical language.

REQUIREMENTS FOR THE Ph.D. (for more information see the Graduate Student Handbook):
The Ph.D. program, for which an M.A. in the field of Classics (either from the University of Virginia or, less usually, from elsewhere) is required, comprises the following:

1. A minimum of ten graduate courses (30 semester-hours) beyond the thirty hours required for the M.A. Of these ten courses, at least seven must be courses in Greek and Latin taken in the Department.
2. Modern Foreign Language Examinations
Ph.D. candidates must pass two examinations (one of which will normally have been taken for the M.A.) testing their reading knowledge of modern foreign languages. (The examinations are described above under the M.A. requirements.) One of the languages offered must be German.
3. Special Author or Special Field Examination
An examination on one Special Author or one Special Field, the choice to be determined in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies. Recent choices have included Papyrology, Latin Elegy, Paleography, and Catullus. The Graduate Certificate in Comparative Literature also fills this requirement.
4. Ph.D. General Examinations
a. Translation Exams in Latin and Greek
b. Written Exams in Ancient History (Students who have already been granted the M.A. at Virginia will normally have passed one of these exams already, and need satisfy only the remaining half of the requirement.)
c. Written Exams of Commentary on Greek and Latin Literature
d. The Ph.D. Oral Examination
5. Dissertation Prospectus
6. Dissertation
7. Final Oral Examination