University of Virginia, Saturday, March 27-29, 2014

We ask that those interested in attending the conference register by sending a message to so that we can plan for lunches and other refreshments during the conference (no charge).

Keynote Speakers

Deborah Boedeker (Brown), ‘Hermes Iambikos’

Joseph Farrell (UPenn), ‘Hermes in Love: The Erotic Career of a Mercurial Character’

H. Alan Shapiro (Johns Hopkins), ‘Like Mother, like Son? Hermes and Maia in Text and Image’

Henk Versnel (Leiden), ‘Hermes the Riddle’

Invited Speakers

Thomas Biggs (Yale), ‘Why did Mercury Build the Ship of Aeneas? The God and the Maritime in Roman Culture’

Sandra Blakely (Emory), ‘Samothracian Hermes: From Kadmos to Priapus’

Shane Black (Colorado), ‘Rumpe moras: Mercury and the Issue of Delay in Aeneid 4’

Ljuba Merlina Bortolani (Heidelberg), ‘The Greek Magical Hymn to Hermes: Syncretism or Disguise? The Hellenization of Thoth in Graeco-Egyptian Magical Literature’

Jenny Strauss Clay (Virginia), ‘Hide and Go Seek: Hermes in the Odyssey

Hélène Collard (Liège), ‘Embodying the Divine: Herms in Greek Vase-Painting’

Stephen Harrison (Oxford), ‘Horace’s Mercury and Mercurial Horace’

Carolyn Laferriere (Yale), ‘Hermes the Father? Pan as Child Prodigy on Votive Reliefs to Pan and the Nymphs’

Jennifer Larson (Kent State), ‘Hermes and Herakles’

Duncan MacRae (Cincinnati), ‘Mercury and Materialism: Images of Mercury on the Shop Facades of Pompeii’

Erin Moodie (Williams), ‘Hermes/Mercury: God of Comedy?’

Micah Myers (Kenyon), ‘Lascivus Puer: Hermes, Mercury, and Cupid in Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Stéphanie Paul (Liège), ‘From the Gymnasium to the Agora: Hermes and his Cult Epithets in Hellenistic Dedications’

Nicola Reggiani (Parma/Heidelberg), ‘Rethinking Hermes: A New Approach’

Pavlos Sfyroeras (Middlebury), ‘Between Eirene and Dionysus: Hermes and Aristophanes’ Peace

Athanassios Vergados (Heidelberg), ‘Hermes and the Figs’

Jenny Wallensten (Swedish Institute at Athens), ‘"Hermes, you love to be a man’s companion (Il. 24.334–35)." Hermes as Visible in Dedicatory Language’

Any questions may be addressed to colloquium organizers Jenny Strauss Clay ( or John F. Miller (