Arthur F. and Marian W. Stocker
Professor of Classics and Chair

John Miller

Office: B018 Cocke Hall
Office Phone: 924-3008

Research Interests

My research has concentrated in Latin literature, especially Augustan poetry. I am very interested in the Hellenistic background of Roman poetry and in Roman religion. Ovid is never far from my thoughts. I welcome all theoretical approaches with which we can add to our knowledge of classical antiquity.

Selected Publications (see curriculum vitae for full list)

  • Latin Historiography and Poetry in the Early Empire. Generic Interactions, co-edited with A. J. Woodman (Leiden 2010)
  • Apollo, Augustus, and the Poets (Cambridge 2009)
  • Apolline Politics and Poetics, co-edited with L. Athanassaki and R. Martin (Athens 2009)
  • Ovid's Elegiac Festivals: Studies in the Fasti (Studien zur klassischen Philologie 55, Frankfurt & New York 1991)
  • "I Sacri Fasti di Ambrogio Novidio Fracco in conversazione con i Fasti di Ovidio," in Vates operose dierum. Studi sui Fasti di Ovidio, ed. Giuseppe LaBua (Rome 2010) 198-209.
  • "Ovid's Fasti and the Neo-Latin Christian Calendar Poem," International Journal for the Classical Tradition 10 (2003) 173-86
  • "Tabucchi's Dream of Ovid," Literary Imagination 3 (2001) 237-47
  • "Triumphus in Palatio," American Journal of Philology 121 (2000) 409-22


Latin and Greek I first learned in Jesuit institutions, at high school in Washington DC and Xavier University's classically-based H.A.B. Program. My graduate degrees were earned at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, first an M.A. in Comparative Literature, then the Ph.D. in Classics. I still feel a deep intellectual debt to the many fine teachers at UNC during that era, especially Brooks Otis, Agnes Michels, and Friedrich Solmsen. After a stint at Minnesota I came to the University of Virginia in 1984 and continue to find it a very stimulating place for classical studies—an added plus is that one can run outdoors in Charlottesville all twelve months. I was Editor of Classical Journal for seven years and served as president of CAMWS in 1999-2000 and and am currently Vice President for Professional Matters of the American Philological Association.