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Crisis in the Gulf, written by John Norton Moore

Published by Oceana Publications, 1992. ISBN 0-37920-166-6

Professor Moore played a key role following the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, including serving as Legal Adviser to the Ambassador of Kuwait and debating the Iraqi Ambassador to Washington in a nationally-televised program at Georgetown University. He flew to Kuwait on the first civilian aircraft to arrive there following the success of Operation Desert Storm. This lengthy book summarizes the facts and law of the case and includes a large number of photographs taken by Professor Moore during his 1991 visit.

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The Vietnam Debate: A Fresh Look at the Arguments, edited by John Norton Moore

Published by University Press of America, 1990. ISBN 0-81917-416-5

This 1990 volume includes papers delivered at a major national conference cosponsored by Center for National Security Law and the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security. The purpose of the conference was to reconsider the most significant arguments of the Vietnam debates of the late 1960s and early 1970s in the light of the latest evidence on the topic. Contributors include academic specialists, retired military officers, prominent journalists, and even a couple of former student radical leaders. The volume refutes such common "myths" as the widely-held view that the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam was independent of North Vietnam, and that North Vietnam and the Viet Cong "won" the 1968 Tet Offensive in a military sense.

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Repealing the War Powers Resolution: Restoring the Rule of Law in U.S. Foreign Policy, written by Robert F. Turner, foreword by Gerald R. Ford

Published by Brassey's (US), Inc., 1991. ISBN 0-08-037435-2

This 1991 volume is largely based upon testimony Professor Turner had given at the request of four different congressional committees on various aspects of the War Powers Resolution. It concludes that the 1973 statute was unnecessary, that important provisions of it are unconstitutional, and that it has undermined peace and endangered the lives of U.S. troops by promoting partisan and divisive debate during periods of national crisis.

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International Law and the Brezhnev Doctrine, written by John Norton Moore and Robert F. Turner

Published by the University Press of America, 1987.  ISBN 0-81915-795-3

Professors Moore and Turner combined efforts in 1987 in an analysis of the Soviet legal theory used to justify armed intervention in such places as Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan.

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The Secret War in Central America: Sandinista Assault on World Order, written by John Norton Moore

Published by the University Press of America, 1987.  ISBN 0-31327-041-4

Professor Moore examined the legal issues surrounding U.S. support for the Nicaraguan contras and Nicaraguan efforts to overthrow neighboring governments in this 1987 book, which was expanded from an article he published earlier in the American Journal of International Law.

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Nicaragua v. United States: A Look at the Facts, written by Robert F. Turner

Published by the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, Inc., Cambridge, MA, 1987. ISBN 0-08-034499-2 (Pergamon-Brassey's).

In 1984, Nicaragua brought suit before the International Court of Justice against the United States alleging various violations of international law in connection with U.S. support for armed insurgents known as the Contras. Against the recommendations of Professor Turner, the United States decided not to take part in the consideration of the case on the merits. This study - which was cited in draft form in one of the opinions to the World Court case - presents some of the evidence that led Professor Turner to conclude that the United States could have won the case on the merits.

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Law and the Grenada Mission, written by John Norton Moore

Published by the Center for National Security Law, 1984. ISBN 0-917193-00-8

Shortly after U.S. forces were sent into Grenada in October 1983, Professor Moore prepared a detailed review of the facts and relevant law applicable to the operation.

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The War Powers Resolution: Its Implementation in Theory and Practice, written by Robert F. Turner

Published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA, 1983. ISBN 0-910191-06-9

This 1983 monograph examines the origin of the War Powers Resolution and looks at its actual implementation during its first decade of existence.

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Myths of the Vietnam War, written by Robert F. Turner

Southeast Asian Perspectives, 1972.

Southeast Asian Perspectives, a publication of the American Friends of Vietnam, was formed in 1955.

Robert F. Turner's 1972 monograph on "Myths of the Vietnam war" is available in PDf format.