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Fall 2012 Newsletter
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Cognitive Science Major Accolades
Spring 2011

Parth Saraiya ('11 DMP) receives Harrison Award for 2010-2011 for the project he will be performing in Dr. Patel's lab at UVA School of Medicine.

Kristin Wilmoth ('12 DMP) and Diana Naim ('12) receive Harrison Awards for 2011-2012. They will be performing their projects in labs of Prof. Erisir (Psychology) and Dr. Lynch (Psychiatry).

Courtney Filippi ('11 DMP) will be attending graduate school in U Chicago in Fall.

Stephen Holtz ('11 DMP) has presented a poster summarizing his DMP project at Associaton for Chemical Senses in Tampa, Fl.

Mark Varvaris ('11 DMP) presented at the Starling Reid Conference, 2011.

Cognitive Science Society

The Cognitive Science Society promotes a community of students interested in cognitive science at the University of Virginia.  Since cognitive science is a cross-disciplinary major, bringing together students and faculty from multiple departments, it is particularly important to have a forum for communication and gathering among the major’s members.

The goals of the Cognitive Science Society are:
  • Create cohesion within the major via building relationships between students and faculty
  • Foster stronger Alumni relations
  • Recruitment of majors by creating awareness of the major
  • Need a Job? We’ve got connections!
  • Resume Builder
  • Events
  • Lectures
  • Cohesion
  • Monthly coffee chats with professors
  • Fun
Please join us and become involved in promoting community for cognitive science majors at the University of Virginia. Contact:

Please follow CogSci Major Collab for Next Cognitive Science Society Board Meeting

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