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Giving to the Cognitive Science Program

As state funding continues to diminish, the need for private funding becomes a crucial part of maintaining the quality of a highly innovative and successful Cognitive Science Program. Your tax-deductible contribution to the Cognitive Science Program is an appreciated pledge of support, which provides opportunities beyond the classroom to the accomplished scholars who choose this interdisciplinary major of study at the University of Virginia.

What Your Gift Can Do

Your generous support would allow the Cognitive Science program to continue to help fund special lectures for our students. In the past we have presented speakers such as David Huron, Professor, School of Music & Center for Cognitive Science at the University of Ohio,who offered a lecture on Communication of Emotion In Music. In the spring of 2008, Tom Sgouros and his robot, Judy, presented the thought-provoking and entertaining Judy -or- What Is It Like to Be a Robot?

A few of the other programs that would benefit from your generous contributions are research lab open houses promoting undergraduate involvement in CogSci-area research and career forums educating students about the opportunities available to graduates who major in Cognitive Science.


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