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Teaching faculty come primarily from the five core areas that are studied in the Cognitive Science program. Five faculty from the Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Computer Science Departments make up the Cognitive Science Committee, representing five concentrations. This committee is responsible for choosing courses each semester that are appropriate for Cognitive Science majors.

Cognitive Science Committee Members

Dennis Proffitt, Director
Psychology Department, 117B Gilmer Hall
Cognitive Psychology Area
Office Hours: T: 3:30-4:30 and W: 2-3
(434) 924-0655

Lise Dobrin
 Anthropology Department, 202 Brooks Hall
Linguistics Area
(434) 924-7048

Alev Erisir

Psychology Department, 187 Gilmer Hall
Neuroscience Area
(434) 243-3549

Brie Gertler 
Philosophy Department, 109 Cocke Hall
Philosophy Area
(434) 982-4544

Worthy Martin
Computer Science Department, 509 Rice Hall
Computer Science Area
(434) 982-2202


Cognitive Science Program Coordinator
Psychology Department, 140A Gilmer Hall
Office Hours:
(434) 982-3019

Past & Present Cognitive Science Instructors
(CP) Cognitive Pschology; (N) Neuroscience; (P) Philosophy; (L) Linguistics; (CS) Computer Science
Name Department
Daniel Berch (CP)
Educational Psychology
Steve Boker (CP) Psychology website
John Bonvillian (CP, L) Psychology website
Peter Brunjes (N) Psychology website
James Cargile (P) Philosophy website
James Coan (CP, N) Psychology website
Barry Condron (N) Biology website
Ellen Contini-Morava (L) Anthropology website
Eve Danziger (L) Anthropology website
Lise Dobrin (L) Anthropology website
Chad Dodson (CP) Psychology website
Mark Elson (L) Slavic Languages and Literature website
Alev Erisir (N) Psychology website
David Evans (CS) Computer Science website
David Feldon (CP)
Educational Psychology
Otto Freisen (N) Biology website
Brie Gertler (P) Philosophy website
Mitch Green (P) Philosophy website
David Hill (N) Psychology website
Paul Humphreys (P) Philosophy website
Masashi Kawasaki (N) Biology website
Michael Kubovy (CP) Psychology website
William Levy (N, CS) Neurosurgery website
Angeline Lillard (CP) Psychology website
Filip Loncke (CP, L) Psychology website
Michael Maneker (N) Biology website
Worthy Martin (CS) Computer Science website
James Morris (CP, N) Psychology website
Dennis Proffitt (CP) Psychology website
Ignacio Provencio (N) Biology website
Timothy Salthouse (CP) Psychology website
Cedric Williams (N, CP) Psychology website
Daniel Willingham (CP) Psychology website

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