Neighborhood Resources

U.Va.’s Community Relations Office produces resources to enhance neighborhood relations. They include Neighborhoods Advisory Group meetings, U.Va. Community News, Neighborhood Notices, the Good Neighbor Guide and the Neighborhood Resources magnet.

U.Va. Community News E-Newsletter

U.Va.’s Community Relations Office creates a monthly e-newsletter providing news of interest to those living adjacent to the University as well as updates on building projects. To sign up for the free newsletter, click here.

Neighborhood Notices

The office also distributes news of events or projects that may cause traffic delays or noise in areas bordering the University. These "neighborhood notices" are tailored to specific neighborhoods. To subscribe for neighborhood specific notices, click here. (Please provide your name and neighborhood).

News is available for the following:

  • Corner Merchants
  • Jefferson Park Avenue Neighborhood
  • Fifeville Neighborhood
  • Fry’s Spring Neighborhood
  • Lewis Mountain Neighborhood
  • Tenth and Page Neighborhood
  • Venable Neighborhood

Good Neighbor Guide

Designed primarily for student renters, the Good Neighbor Guide: University of Virginia Students' Guide to Off-Grounds Living describes how to navigate the off-Grounds experience. It also provides information about city and county ordinances pertaining to trash removal, noise, parking, alcohol and conduct.

It encourages students to get involved in their neighborhood by engaging in activities that connect them with neighborhood residents.

The guide is available by contacting (434) 924-1321 or A charge may be levied on large orders.

Neighborhood Resources Magnet

U.Va.'s Community Relations Office produces a magnet that encourages students living off-Grounds to access our Good Neighbor Guide online. Magnets are available by contacting (434) 924-1321 or

Garbage Collection Fliers

The fliers, customized by neighborhood, are designed to remind students living off-Grounds of the guidelines for trash collection and disposal.

Fliers are available for the following neighborhoods:

Inter-Fraternity Council Party Patrol

The essential function of Party Patrol is to uphold the IFC Standards for Parties and Social Events at fraternity parties by enforcing age-verification procedures, noise levels, and shut-down times. Though the Party Patrol communicates regularly with the Charlottesville Police Department and the University Police Department, it is solely run by IFC fraternity men. Contact the Party Patrol at 434-981-3434 or 434-981-3435.

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