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The program in comparative literature allows students to combine courses from several literature departments into a coherent program not limited to one language or national tradition. The pre-requisite for the major is a two-semester survey of European literature, CPLT 2010-2020. Comparative literature majors must take a minimum of two upper division courses in each of two different literature departments. At least two of these courses must include readings in one original language other than English. The remaining literature courses must include at least one seminar at 400-level or above and a course in literary theory (CPLT 3510, ENCR 3000, or approved equivalent). Students must consult with an advisor in the comparative literature program to determine the suitability of their elective courses. The total number of credits required for the major, beyond the pre-requisites, is 27.


During the spring of their third year, students may apply (using this form ) to the Distinguished Majors Program in Comparative Literature. Students accepted to the program will participate in CPLT 4990, a seminar dealing with an advanced topic in comparative literature, usually taught in the Spring Term. They will also enrol in CPLT 4998/4999, a two-semester program of reading and writing that concludes in the production of an honors thesis. The total number of credits required for the distinguished major, beyond the pre-requisites, is 30. For more details, see the Page of the Distinguished Majors in Comparative Literature.


The minor consists of 12 credits beyond the prerequisite, including a course in literary theory..
Each student's program must embrace at least two national literatures and must be approved by the director.
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