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Computer Science Colloquia

Friday, February 18, 2011
Hengchang Liu
Advisor: John Stankovic; Kamin Whitehouse; Alfred Weaver; Alfredo Garcia
Attending Faculty: Sang Son

Olsson 228E, 09:00:00

A Ph.D. Proposal
Design and Implementation of an Automatic, Robust, and Efficient Breadcrumb Sensor Network

Breadcrumb systems (BCS) have been proposed to aid users by communicating their physiological parameters and other environmental information to far-away base stations. However, the state of the art still lacks systematic BCS design as well as deep investigation on several special issues, such as multi-user coordination and interference avoidance. In this proposal, I propose the design and evaluation plan of an automatic, robust, and efficient breadcrumb system. Essentially it includes three main parts: Building an automatic and robust breadcrumb system, enabling efficient coordination among multiple users, and evaluating and solving the effects of body shadowing. Although this research on breadcrumb systems was initially targeted at indoor firefighter applications, it can be generalized to various emergency responding applications that require opportunistic sensor deployment, such as outdoor firefighting, underground mining, and human-inaccessible exploring applications.