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Computer Science Colloquia

July 1, 2011
Sal Valente
Advisor: Andrew Grimshaw
Attending Faculty: Alf Weaver (Chair), Kevin Skadron, Paul Reynolds

Olsson Hall, Room 236D, 9:30 AM

Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Presentation
Replicated Grid Resources

We have added support for replicated stateful resources in a Web services based grid platform.  Replication allows resources to be highly available for both reading and writing.  The contributions of this work are algorithms for update propagation, conflict detection, and conflict resolution for generic resources in a decentralized environment.

In order to show that these generic algorithms can be applied to specific resource types, we present a Web services based distributed file system with automatic replication and automatic failover.  We show that this system can read and write files and directories, with no loss of data, during a server failure.