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Faculty and Student Tea Time

Tea Time is a departmental social with refreshments, held in Olsson 228E most Fridays at 4:00. Everyone in the CS department (including undergraduates) are invited to come and enjoy Tea Time.

Tea Time promotes collegiality within the Department, with an emphasis on interaction between faculty, students, and staff. It provides a convenient time to talk over research ideas with colleagues, meet prospective research assistants (or advisors), and just in general get to know one another better. If you are working with people from another department, feel free to invite them. It also prevents some of our grad students from starving, or from going a full week eating nothing by Raman noodles and Guadalahara.

Tea Time is hosted by different groups within the department each week. These hosts are volunteers who obtain the food and drink, prepare it, and help clean up afterwards. The department reimburses volunteers for all their expenses. More ambitious groups sometimes develop a theme and provide decorations and entertainment also.

Please e-mail the current Tea Czar, Karolina Sarnowska (teatime@cs.virginia.edu) to volunteer to be a Tea Time host, or if you have any suggestions or comments regarding Tea Time.

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