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CS News Fall 2011

CS News:
Profiles in Computer Sciences

Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Daniel Epstein

In his classes, Daniel Epstein (CS ’12) learned about management techniques that software companies regularly use to keep group software coding on track. As an intern at Microsoft last summer, he saw these procedures in operation.

Graduate Student Spotlight

Zachary Hill

Zachary Hill (CS ’07, ’12) is quick to point out, there is no single cloud, but a handful of distinct clouds, each with its own application programming interfaces and semantics. This poses a challenge for developers, who must write applications — for instance, to provide services to a company’s sales force — for a particular cloud platform.

Faculty Spotlight

William Wulf

Wulf has succeeded in conveying to these students the importance of scientific literacy: after completing his course, 94 percent say they would take another science course.

Wesley Weimer

Working with graduate student Claire Le Goues (CS ’09,’14), he has developed a method based on genetic principles that automatically detects a vulnerability in a program of interest and creates variants that are impervious to attack. It does this by representing its program source code as an abstract syntax tree, moving branches from one position to another and then compiling it and running it on test cases.

Alumni Spotlight

Wei Le

For her Ph.D. thesis, Wei Le (CS ’05, ’10) developed an automated tool called Marple that can accurately detect and diagnose faults in large software programs that use millions of lines of code.

Vanessa Hurst

As a full-time database and analytics engineer at Paperless Post, Vanessa Hurst (CS ’08) knows firsthand the satisfaction that can be gained from database engineering and computer programming. Paperless Post enables people to send extremely tasteful invitations and announcements to others online and monitor their replies.