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The Center for the Study of Local Knowledge is committed to creating opportunities
Walkway under the Rotundafor scholars from across academic disciplines and lay scholars to share research, teaching, and ideas on themes related to local knowledge. CSLK programs include:

International Symposium on Local Knowledge

CSLK will host two one day symposiums on local knowledge. Composed of scholars from across the globe, each symposium is designed to solicit rigorous and careful analysis and commentary on ideas and themes related to local knowledge. The first symposium is schedule for Spring, 2003.

CSLK Colloquium

Beginning with the CSLK Inaugural Lecture in November, 2002, the Center will periodically convene a colloquium on local knowledge. Academic and lay scholars will be invited to share their ideas and research with other interested scholars.

Summer Seminar on Local Knowledge

Beginning in the summer of 2003, CSLK will host an annual week-long seminar on select themes related to local knowledge. Participants, for whom travel and accommodations will be provided, will be recent recipients of the Ph.D. or its equivalent or advanced graduate students engaged in creative research on the Seminar theme. The participants in the seminar will present works in progress, engage in critical discussions on the Seminar theme, and interact with senior scholars.

Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate Seminars

CSLK is committed to creating a dialogical relationship between its research and pedagogical efforts. In the academic years 2003-2004 and 2004-2005, CSLK will sponsor a one semester interdisciplinary seminar on a topic related to the theme of local knowledge. Each seminar will be led by a team of faculty from across the University community.