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There is a renaissance underway in the study of conceptions of local knowledge. As the value of objectivity and the desirability of "grand narratives" are called into question, there has been a marked increase in the range and depth of studies that advance the centrality of local knowledge. The (re)turn to this framework holds out the possibility of gaining a more nuanced understanding of particular trends, theories, and methods. Scholars promoting the use of this concept are reshaping the boundaries of their disciplines in assessing how and in what manner local knowledge can best be utilized to enhance research and teaching.

Founded in 2002, the Center for the Study of Local Knowledge (CSLK) is the first and only such research center in the United States dedicated to rethinking the concept of local knowledge. CSLK’s goal is to explore and articulate new ways of understanding how conceptions of local knowledge are implicated in constructions of gender, race, and nation. CSLK is dedicated to building an inclusive intellectual community in an effort to dramatically transform relationships of knowledge and power.

In this endeavor, CSLK has assembled a distinguished group of Faculty Fellows. Representing diverse disciplinary backgrounds and research interests from across the University of Virginia, CSLK’s Faculty Fellows are a vibrant and exciting group of scholars who critically reflect on how and in what ways new and innovative research and teaching frameworks featuring an emphasis on local knowledge can transform cultures of scholarship in the academy.

The Center for the Study of Local Knowledge has ambitious agenda and we welcome your ideas.