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International Travel Form Guide

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UVA Community Based Undergraduate Research Grants

Community based research seeks to foster collaborative partnerships between university researchers and the community, share knowledge among key stakeholders, and address social inequities.

Goal: Community Based Undergraduate Research Grants will provide opportunities for students to develop research projects that apply their academic skills, experiences, and ideas to real world problems. The grants are not limited to a single academic field. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged. Student researchers, under the guidance of a faculty advisor and in collaboration with a community organizsation, will identify a project that addresses a documented public need or issue. Student researchers will design a research project, adopt and deploy a research methodology embedded in an academic field(s), create a research product (paper, presentation, etc.) that benefits the community organization and meets expectations of academic rigor as agreed on by the faculty advisor and the student researcher(s).

Process: Awards will be granted on a competitive basis. Please see attached application form. A budget of anticipated expenses including travel, living expenses, research supplies should not exceed $3,000. If research is a team project that includes graduate students and other undergraduate students, then the budget may not exceed $5,000. An honorarium of $1,000 will be awarded to the faculty advisor.

Application Form: 2017 Application Form

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This Year’s Funded Projects:

  • Title: Proyecto SABER: An EMR for Resource Limited Environments
    Student Researchers: Braden Miller, Corinne Roberts
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Burt
    Community Partner: UVA-Guatemala Initiative

    Over previous years, UVA students have worked with Guatemalan healthcare providers and computer programmers to create an electronic medical record (EMR) for resource-limited environments, titled SABER. Our team plans to continue the implementation of SABER and conduct a large-scale test of SABER’s functionality compared to the standard work of paper records. We hope to use this research as a platform to further improve SABER and confirm previous small-scale studies of the benefits SABER can provide

  • Title: Impact of Civic Engagement Education on Youth Community Involvement, Ghana
    Student Researchers: Nana Adwoa Ofori, Nathan John
    Faculty Advisor: Maurice Apprey
    Community Partner: Youth Impact Workshops

    Amongst the youth population in Ghana, many do not know the appropriate means to civically engage with their leaders to tackle local issues. Our research seeks to explore what extent learning civic engagement principles and skills can increase youth participation in community development efforts in Accra, Ghana. By exploring civic engagement, youth will learn to become initiators of conversations that seek to address local and national issues in Ghana.

  • Title: Rainwater Catchment System in Tadazna, Nicaragua
    Student Researchers: Rohit Rustagi, Matthew Anderson, Monika Grabowska, Anna Cerf, Nathan Abraham
    Faculty Advisor: Dana Elzey
    Community Partner: Bridges To Community

    The team will partner with Bridges to Community to study the feasibility of point-of-use water catchment systems in Tadazna, Nicaragua. Using Rapid Rural Appraisal methods, the team will interview community members to refine the proposed system according to community needs. Mathematical modeling will be used to optimize the system and evaluate its long-term sustainability. Team members also plan to develop a microfinance.

  • Title: Assesment of the Participation of RotaryClubs in the Dictionary Project
    Student Researchers: Naina Wodon 
    Faculty Advisor: Rebecca Hehn
    Community Partner: Rotary International

    Every year, thousands of Rotary clubs across the United States buy dictionaries from the Dictionary Project (a 501c(3) organization) at low cost ($2 per dictionary). Rotarians then deliver the dictionaries to students in elementary schools, typically third graders. The purpose of this project is to conduct a statistical analysis of contributions by Rotary clubs to the project using detailed data available from the project and to assess ways to increase the impact of the project.

  • Title: Analysis and Refinement of a Culturally Appropriate Women’s Reproductive Health (WRH) Curriculum in the San Lucas Tolíman, Guatemala and Its Continued Use in Both Rural Guatemala and the United States
    Student Researchers: Kristin Zwicklbauer, Grace Styklunas, Darrah Dickerson, Andrea Valdez
    Faculty Advisor: David Burt
    Community Partner: UVA Guatemala Initiative

    Mayan women of the Guatemalan Lake Alitlian basin have a high cervical cancer mortality rate, despite how prventable this is through proper education. Previous UVA GI teams create a pilot program to provide this education. This new research will provide us with insight as to the efficacy of the pilot curriculum in increasing participants’ knowledge of women’s health, screenings, and preventive healthcare.

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Selected Resources on Community Based Research:

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Director of Undergraduate Research Opportunities