The Double Hoo Research Grant

The Double Hoo Research Grant
Deadline:  February 16, 2015 (noon)
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UVA Graduate students are seeking undergraduate students to collaborate on a Double Hoo research proposals.

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The Double Hoo Research Grant supports pairs of undergraduate and graduate scholars seeking to pursue research together.  The program is intended to encourage collaborative interaction between the undergraduate and graduate communities throughout the University.  Awards of up to $5,000 are granted to undergraduate/graduate pairs to be shared between the two at their discretion and used within one year. Faculty advisors receive $500 in research support. Grant recipients make a progress report and a final report to the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, and they present their research at a spring gathering.

The Double Hoo program was originally created at the urging of the student-run Undergraduate Research Network and first offered in Spring 2004. In 2008, a generous grant from the Jefferson Trust allowed the Center for Undergraduate Excellence to reinstate the program after a two-year hiatus. The award is now supported with funding from the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, the Office of Vice President for Research, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

  1. Who is eligible for a Double Hoo?

    Applications must be submitted jointly by undergraduate-graduate student pairs.  The undergraduate may be a first-, second-, and third-year student at the time of application.  All applicants must be full-time U.Va. students and must remain enrolled at the University through the completion of their project (i.e., spring of the year following application).  The Center welcomes proposals from all subject areas and schools at the University.

  2. How many students apply for a Double Hoo?
    The Center for Undergraduate Excellence generally receives about 50 applications for this award.  The number of awards granted depends on funding available.  We hope to fund between 5-10 awards each year.

  3. What makes a strong proposal for the Double Hoo award?
    We're looking for solid joint research proposals that demonstrate that the undergraduate will be an active member of the research team--perhaps even pursuing an independent question.  In addition, the graduate student should indicate an understanding of his or her important mentoring role.

  4. May a team of three students apply for a Double Hoo research award?
    No.  The Double Hoo research award is specially designed to provide a graduate student and an undergraduate the opportunity to conduct research together, with guidance from a faculty advisor.  The graduate student is able to develop important mentoring skills, and the undergraduate takes on a project that might ordinarily be out of reach, while getting a taste of graduate studies.  An application that lists a different number of students (e.g., more than one undergraduate) will not be considered. 

Previously funded projects:

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2014: Research Grants Support Graduate Mentoring of Undergrad Students

2012:  U.Va. Awards Eight Double-‘Hoo Research Grants

2011: U.Va. Awards Eight Double-'Hoo Research Grants

2010: U.Va. Awards Eight Double-'Hoo Research Grants

2009: U.Va. Awards 10 Double 'Hoo Research Grants to Undergrad-Grad Duos


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