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Warner Public Leadership Undergraduate Research Award


Deadline: 2013-03-25 (National)

The Senator John W. Warner Award will be given to a third year undergraduate student who exhibits a serious, convincing ambition to seek future election to public office. This award will honor an individual who strives for service in an elected office, whether it is a part-time city council position or a full-time legislative or executive office. The award will fund an undergraduate research project in an area that will inform the recipient's future career as an elected official. Successful candidates will demonstrate the required courage to stand up and ask fellow citizens for their valued vote. The award is named for Senator John W. Warner of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Senator Warner served five consecutive terms in the United States Senate. He was the second-longest serving U.S. Senator from Virginia in the 218-year history of the Senate. Senator Warner is a 1953 graduate of the University of Virginia’s School of Law.


Third-year students at the University of Virginia may apply.


Recipients will be expected to complete their research within a year.


This distinction includes $3,000 to be used to support the recipient's research.

Application Process

Candidates will be asked to submit a packet that includes a research proposal, a reflective statement, and two letters of recommendation (one from the faculty advisor for the proposed research project). Applications are available at the above web site.

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Questions? Contact Brian Cullaty at or 924-3306.