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Marshall Jevons Fund


Deadline: 2014-08-01 (UVa Internal)

The Marshall Jevons Fund was established to give small grants of up to $1000 to undergraduate students to support research projects and academic travel in the field of economics. Typical uses of the funds include attending conferences, conducting interviews, and acquiring specialized data.


Undergraduate students in any year of study may apply for Marshall Jevons funding, so long as the funds will be used while they are a student at UVa. A student may not request reimbursement once he or she has graduated from the University. Priority is given to economics majors, but any undergraduate student enrolled in an economics course or doing research on economics in a program outside the Department of Economics is eligible to apply.


Not applicable.


Up to $1000

Application Process

Students applying for Marshall Jevons funding must submit two things: (1) a one-page written proposal that describes the research project, identifies the course or program to which the research is related, explains the proposed use of funds, and contains a budget ($10000 is the maximum award); (2) a completed Marshall Jevons Funding Request Form available at above website

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For more information, please contact Kaitlyn Amos