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NASA Academies


Deadline: 2015-02-07 (National)

The NASA Academy is an intensive summer project for highly motivated and successful undergraduate and graduate students. The academy's purpose is to bring together the likely future leaders in space activity so that they learn at an early stage how NASA functions and become acquainted with each other personally and professionally. Support is provided by the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Project and a few commercial sponsors. Each year, the academy selects high-achieving students in a variety of academic disciplines from U.S. universities across the country. The NASA Academy is not a 9-5 summer research internship program. It is a rigorous, immersive experience that will challenge the participants and push them outside their comfort zones. It offers interns an intense learning experience that is either space- or aeronautics-based. All academy students will be immersed in a NASA environment where they will experience the agency from both inside and outside perspectives. Added interaction with NASA collaborators in industry and academia will provide exciting and unforgettable summer experiences to engage and capture students within the NASA family. The Academy is not a 9-5 summer research internship program. It is a rigorous, immersive experience that will challenge you. The academy is a space-themed program of high learning about NASA, its projects and collaborations with aerospace industry and academia, with very little down time, but a busy, exciting summer that you will not forget. The Academies have separate focus areas of leadership: Space/Aerospace, Robotics, Aeronautics, Lunar and Planetary Science, and Propulsion.


Applicants must be U. S. citizens who will be in their third or fourth year of undergraduate studies in fall 2011 or in the first or second year of graduate study. Students are invited to participate based on the following selection criteria: -Demonstrated interest in space. -Demonstrated research or project experience. -High academic standing, at least a 3.2/4.0 GPA./> -Demonstrated leadership ability. -Demonstrated maturity as a student and individual.




Generally between $4,000 and $5,000.

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