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Clinton Global Initiative


Deadline: 2014-01-17

Building on the successful model of the Clinton Global Initiative, which brings together world leaders to take action on global challenges, President Clinton launched the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) in 2007 to engage the next generation of leaders on college campuses around the world. Each year, CGI U hosts a meeting where students, youth organizations, topic experts, and celebrities come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. CGI U 2014 will take place at Arizona State University in metropolitan Phoenix from March 21-23, 2014. The meeting will bring together nearly 1,200 attendees to make a difference in CGI U's five focus areas: Education, Environment and Climate Change, Peace and Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, and Public Health. Students, apply now to attend CGI U 2014. More than $500,000 is now available for select student commitment-makers. CGI U is a growing community of young leaders who don't just discuss global challenges - they take real, concrete steps toward solving them. Throughout the year, and as a prerequisite of attending the CGI U meeting, students develop their own Commitments to Action: new, specific, and measurable initiatives that address pressing challenges on campus, in local communities, or around the world. Commitments range from manufacturing wheelchairs for developing countries to establishing campus bike share programs, from creating free vision clinics to developing e-learning applications for mobile phones. Throughout the year, students are also invited to apply to become CGI U Campus Representatives.


All applicants must be above the age of 18 and enrolled in an institution of higher education at the time of the meeting. CGI U is looking for individuals who have creative commitment ideas with concrete, detailed plans of action and passion and energy for a global issue. CGI U seeks students from a varied range of disciplines who all have the common goal to take action and make a difference. Individual commitments are efforts that are spurred by a single individual who decides to take action on an issue of importance to him or her. (Example: I will reduce my personal carbon emissions by 50 percent over the next year.) A student group commitment is a commitment that, from the start, is a collaborative effort by a group of students. This effort could stem from a pre-existing student organization, or a group of students who come together around a CGI U commitment. (Example: We will reduce the carbon emissions of our dorm by 30 percent over the next year).


President Clinton will host CGI U 2014 from March 21 to March 23 at Arizona State University. Students canapply online to attend the meeting.


For all accepted applicants, this meeting is free. However, CGI U attendees must cover their own hotel and travel costs or apply for travel and lodging assistance on their applications. Travel and lodging assistance is only given out to a small percentage of accepted CGI U attendees with demonstrated financial need. Students whose projects are approved will receive seed funding from U.Va. Those who do not receive travel assistance from the CGI U in the early application process may also get financial support for travel from U.Va.

Application Process

Contact U.Va.'s Campus Representative, Garrick Lewis, ( if you are interested in applying, and see instructions for applying as an individual or group here: Students interested in attending CGI U can apply as either an individual or a group. Individual: A student may apply to attend CGI U as an individual. This student makes a Commitment to Action that he or she will carry out individually, or applies to attend CGI U as the sole representative of a larger organization. Group: Up to three students may apply to attend CGI U as a group. These students collaborate on a Commitment to Action and apply to attend the meeting together to represent their project or initiative. The group must appoint a group leader to fill out the first part of the CGI U application, and the additional group members will receive emails from CGI U with instructions on how to complete their portions of the application. It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that all group members complete their portions of the application. Upon completion of the application, students who apply by November 22 will have the opportunity to apply for travel assistance. This assistance is granted to a limited number of students and is need-based. For questions regarding the application process, contact Deadline: Early decision and travel assistance deadline: November 22, 2013 Final application deadline: January 17, 2014

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