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Scholarships and Fellowships:

Institute for Recruitment of Teachers


Deadline: 2015-04-01 (National)

The Institute for Recruitment of Teachers aims to reduce over time the critical underrepresentation on the faculties of certain minority groups, as well as to address the attendant educational consequences of these disparities. Providing positive role models to youth, the institute serves the related goals of supporting school and campus environments. Through their yearly Intern Summer Workshop and The Associate Program, the institute supports throughout the graduate school application process outstanding college students and graduates from diverse backgrounds who are committed to these ideals.


3.0 and higher GPA; a major in mathematics, social sciences, humanities, or education; consider seriously a teaching, counseling, or administrative career at the K-12 or university level.


Summer Intern Workshop: 4 weeks in summer


Summer Intern Workshop: $1,200 stipend, travel expenses (for those traveling by plane or train), room and board, Recruiters’ Weekend (attended by more than 60 academic deans and graduate admissions representatives from consortium institutions), GRE and graduate school application preparation. Please see web site for details on the Associate Program.

Application Process

Application is available on the website. Students are urged to apply ahead of the deadline.

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Please contact the Center for Undergraduate Excellence or the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers for more information.