UK Fellows Program

The United Kingdom Fellows Program allows graduating University of Virginia students the opportunity to teach and live abroad in a boarding school in the UK for the year following their graduation. Students apply in February, and, if matched, will be placed in one of the following boarding schools:

2015 Information Sheet

Applications are due February 5, 2015, at noon (see information sheet above for full details). Please submit your application materials together in one email to Edith Conti at Letters of recommendation should come directly from the writer and should also be e-­-mailed to Edith Conti. Please have your letter writers include your name in the e-­-mail subject heading (Ex. “UK Fellow Recommendation: Conti”). The application includes:

  1. Personal Data Form
  2. 500 word Statement of Interest
  3. Resume (no more than two pages)
  4. Unofficial Transcript
  5. 2 Letters of Recommendation. One must be from someone who can testify to your ability to work with children, teenagers, or your peers in a supervisory setting.

*Adobe Reader 8 or later must be installed on your computer to save your information to a form.

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