Humanities: African American and African Studies

Department: Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies

Supervising Faculty Member: James Perla

Specialization: African-American and African Studies

Research Focus: Our objective is to work with community members and University of Virginia faculty and students to collaboratively collect stories to address the legacies of Jim Crow and white supremacy in Charlottesville. Building out from the sustained engagement with Charlottesville’s confederate statues, this initiative seeks to link historical events to contemporary concerns as well as support the ongoing work of community members and institutions that continue to engage with African American history in Charlottesville.

Position Description: • Research the history of Charlottesville and surrounding areas, including the challenges of desegregation, particularly in education, housing and community relations
• Explore partnerships with Charlottesville residents and organizations interested in race relations, public history, and the built environment.
• Promote the Citizen Justice Initiative maintaining social media pages and writing articles about Citizen Justice Initiative activity
• Assist in planning and facilitating events/workshops: designing and distributing promotional materials.
• Track and write regular reflections on project work

Required skills: Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Demonstrated leadership experience
Ability to work independently and research

What you will learn: • Develop a working knowledge of Charlottesville’s local history
• Critically think about the way history is framed through narrative
• Learn about community organizing and “activism” as well as critically engage with ideas of what activism looks like today
• Experiment with digital storytelling tools and techniques
• Work collaboratively with team members on projects related to race, place, and history