Humanities: Anthropology

Department: Anthropology

Supervising Faculty Member: Patricia Wattenmaker

Specialization: Archaeology (Middle East)

Research Focus: My research involves archaeological excavations at the ancient center of Kazane  in southeast Turkey (within northern Mesopotamia).  The settlement dates from 8,000-4,000 years ago.  The excavations investigate when and how social hierarchies arose for the first time, as well as reasons for the emergence of the first cities.  Current research focuses on analyses of artifacts and publications.

Position Description: Initially research will involve the compilation of published findings from other contemporaneous archaeological sites for a study of the material culture, craft production and exchange in this early urban society.  For example, we would like to know which settlements yielded scarce prestige goods (such as silver or gold) and where within the settlements such goods were found (burials, temples, houses).  Depending on the student's skills and experience, other responsibilities might include the completion of drawings (of pottery, architectural plans, objects and maps) for publications  or statistical analyses of results.

Required skills: I would be able to assign responsibilities based on the background of the student.  Computer or drafting skills and a previous archaeological course would be valuable but not essential.

Computer software: Experience with Excel, GIS or a statistical package, or Adobe Illustrator-or a willingness to complete a training course-would be useful.

Training/certification: No

What you will learn: I would like the student to understand the process through which we define interesting research questions and develop a methodology for addressing  those questions (moving from the "big picture" to detailed data collection).  I would also like the student to develop skills and judgement in assessing results, determining whether or not the data are adequate for addressing the research question at hand and, if so, what the data suggest.  Finally, I would like the student to learn to compile data in a database and be able to present the data visually (whether through mastery of a database, statistical package or software for illustrations).