Humanities: Archaeology, Old World; Aegean Prehistory

Department: Art

Supervising Faculty Member: Anastasia Dakouri-Hild

Specialization: Archaeology, Old World; Aegean prehistory

Research Focus: My research combines traditional research methods (literature, texts, cultural-historical analysis) with geospatial technologies (remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems). Currently my research centers on two distinct, but related projects that utilize such methods: a topographical study and full publication of the Late Bronze Age cemeteries in the city of Thebes, Greece; and an archaeological reconnaissance survey planned for summer of 2018 in the general are of Kotroni, Greece. The proposed position is appropriate for either one of these projects, with a preference for Kotroni.

Position Description: Digitization, working with satellite imagery, performing landscape analyses using  remote sensing and GIS software (skills to be acquired on the job), researching analog site gazeeters and incorporating them in the project Geographic Information System, producing a paper on the broader environmental and cultural context of the archaeological site in question in the Late Bronze Age.

Required skills: General computer literacy, having taken ARTH 2056/ARTH 2052 with me with a grade of A- or higher, detail-oriented and meticulous; ability to read Greek is a plus but not required.

Computer software: Yes, but it's not necessary. I plan to onboard the student with the help of Scholar's Lab staff

Training/certification: No, but a serious/professional interest in field archaeology is needed.

What you will learn: Survey conventional literature, digitize analog data, synthesize information using GIS, perform landscape analysis and interpretation using imagery and vector/raster/descriptive data integration