Social Sciences: Architecture and Urban Design

Department: Architecture and Urban and Environmental Planning

Supervising Faculty Member: Mona El Khafif and Ila Berman

Specialization: Architecture and Urban Design: urban regeneration strategies, place making, urban prototyping, digital cartography, and urban ecologies

Research Focus: This research project looks at the design, fabrication and installation of smart infrastructures. Equipped with sensors and Internet connection the public infrastructures will collect environmental data like sound, motion, temperature, CO2 levels and other data that – as a response - will be displayed in form of light impulses or that will be displayed on web interfaces. During the term of the year we will conduct design research on the development of new infrastructures that serve as public furniture and as a data collector simultaneously. An existing prototype entitled “Urban Syncopation” that was displayed at Nuit Blanche in 2016 in Toronto will be reinstalled at UVA. The position includes work on new design research and prototyping as well as the reinstallation of Urban Syncopation.

Position Description: The undergraduate research assistant will be involved in the design and fabrication process, material and literature research, as well as the physical installation of Urban Syncopation.

Required skills: Software skills as listed below, independent thinking, advanced design capabilities, engagement with the process of building prototypes and material research.

Computer software: Rhino, Illustrator, MasterCAM, Grasshopper

Training/certification: Student should have taken all necessary training courses to work in the shop located in the School of Architecture.

What you will learn: Design and prototype development, CNC milling and digital fabrication, logistics of 1:1 installation of art and design projects.