Sciences: Biomaterials, Mechanobiology, Regenerative Medicine

Department: Chemical Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Steven Caliari

Specialization: Biomaterials, Mechanobiology, Regenerative Medicine

Research Focus: Our group engineers biomaterials to explore the dynamic interplay between cells and their microenvironment. We apply these platforms to address fundamental human health challenges including:

  1. Treatment of diseases such as fibrosis and cancer
  2. Repair and replacement of tissues and organs
  3. Improved understanding of how cells transduce microenvironmental signals

Position Description: We are a relatively new lab so students will have the unique opportunity to help ignite new research projects. Students will be tasked with reading contemporary scientific literature, learning how to synthesize and characterize new biomaterials, performing cell culture, and saliently communicating their research findings.

Required skills: We are looking for students with tremendous work ethic, communication skills, self-motivation, perseverance, and intellectual curiosity. Introductory coursework in chemistry, biology, and physics as well as basic computer skills (e.g., Excel, PowerPoint) is preferred but not required.

Computer software:

Training/certification: Students are required to have chemical safety training and biosafety training prior to beginning work in the lab.

What you will learn:

  1. How to search for, consume, and critically analyze literature
  2. Fabrication and characterization of biomaterial scaffolds/hydrogels
  3. Design of experiments and data presentation

Web site link to research: