Sciences: Biomechanics

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member:  Silvia Blemker

Research Focus: The overall goal of the Multiscale Muscle Mechanics lab is integrate experiments and computer modeling tools to understand structure and function of skeletal muscles and use those insights to inform new treatments and rehabilitation approaches for improving skeletal muscle function.

Job Description: Job activities include:

  1. Helping with experiments
  2. Analyzing either medical images or microscopy images of skeletal muscle
Reading and summarizing literature related to muscle diseases

Required Skills/Knowledge:Excel, medical image analysis software, computer modeling software, MATLAB

Training:IRB and/or IACUC training may be needed.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gain an understanding for biology and mechanics of skeletal muscle
  • Gain experience with engineering tools used to study muscle.
Apply this understanding and experience to a real-world problem