Sciences: Cancer Biology

Department: Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology

Supervising Faculty Member: Kwon Park

Specialization: Cancer Biology

Research Focus: My lab is interested in how tumor develops from normal cells and currently focuses on role of genetic alterations in lung cancer.  We determine their functions in tumor development using mouse models and cells.

Position Description: Student will learn DNA analyses essential for genetic studies in the lab, which will include genotyping of mouse tails and mutant cells after genetic manipulations. Additionally, students will learn cell culture and assays.

Required skills: Basic laboratory skills including pipetting and calculation and effective verbal and writing communication.

Training/certification: Biosafety level 1 training and Blood-borne pathogen (BSL 2)

What you will learn: Student will learn how to raise interesting questions, how to address problems, and how to be creative in thinking and communicating ideas