Sciences: Chemical Engineering

Department: Chemical Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Kyle Lampe

Specialization: Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Research Focus: The Lampe Group develops biomaterials for tissue engineering with a particular interest in the central nervous system. We hope to use our biomaterials strategies to more accurately model physiological cell culture conditions and better understand and treat diseases and injuries of the central nervous system. Lab website:

Job Description: Students will synthesize biomaterials, culture mammalian cells, and assist in carrying out experiments and analyzing data. Additionally they will read and summarize literature related to neural tissue engineering. We are primarily interested in first and second year students.

Required Skills/Knowledge: Our work relies heavily on chemistry and biology and thus introductory courses (or AP credit) in those disciplines is essential. Students should have familiarity with Excel. Students must be able to prepare solutions at known concentrations while using careful (accurate and precise) measurement of mass and volume. Students should demonstrate a strong commitment to research and be prepared to balance their coursework with this research experience. We value good written and verbal communication skills

Training: Students are required to have chemical safety training and biosafety training prior to beginning work in the lab.

What You Will Learn: Through this project students will:

  1. Develop technical acumen in the synthesis of biomaterials and cell culture
  2. Gain an understanding of matrix-cell interactions and important matrix design criteria
  3. Design and conduct an independent experiment to test a scientific hypothesis