Social Sciences: Community Health and Systems and information Engineering

Department: Global Development Studies, Public Health Sciences

Supervising Faculty Member: David Edmunds and Rupa Valdez (co-mentors)

Specialization: Community Health and Systems and Information Engineering

Research Focus: This research focuses on collaborating with communities to understand health-related needs and co-designing mobile health applications to help address these needs. Students will be involved in two projects. The first project focuses on working with adolescents in West Virginia to create a mobile health application to encourage organization of and participation in health-related activities such as 5Ks, the Farmer's Market, and other sporting events. The second project on working with tribal members of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate's Lake Traverse Reservation to create a mobile health application related to health pregnancy.

Position Description: Students will 1) participate in co-designing and developing the mobile health application, 2) participate in the community-centered evaluation of the application, and 3) participate in writing conference proceedings and journal papers.

Required skills: Background or strong interest in developing mobile health applications, background or strong interest in working with communities as design partners, strong interpersonal skills.

Computer software: Training or background in iOS development preferred.

Training/certification: The student selected for this position will need to complete on-line certification training related to ethical conduct of human subjects research provided through the Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board.

What you will learn: 1) how to conduct field-based multi-disciplinary research, 2) how to engage with a research team that includes community members, students, and faculty, 3) how to write for an academic conference and journal.