Sciences: Corrosion of Metals

Department: Materials Science and Engineering

Supervising Faculty Member: Rob Kelly

Specialization: Corrosion of metals

Research Focus: We are trying to (1) understand the chemical and physical processes that control the degradation of materials in environments, (2) characterize the rate of damage in its different forms and develop accelerated tests, (3) develop scientific and engineering models to predict damage that can applied to actual structures in service

Position Description: The student will work in the laboratory with chemical and electrochemical methods in collaboration with a graduate student and another undergraduate. Students will prepare test samples, run tests, analyze results and present those results. ALL skills will be taught by our group members.

Required skills: Time management, organization, good record-keeping, ability to follow directions and work in a team.

Computer software: Excel, Powerpoint

Training/certification: UVa required online safety training, we will take student through our own lab safety training

What you will learn:

  1. Perform and document laboratory experiments
  2. Analyze corrosion tests using chemical, electrochemical and metallurgical methods
  3. Organize their results and present them to others orally

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