Sciences: Ecology/Evolution

Department: Biology

Supervising Faculty Member: Deborah Roach

Specialization: Ecology/Evolution

Research Focus: We have a long-term project on aging in plants where we are addressing questions about how plant aging may differ from animals.  This work includes projects in the lab, greenhouse, and in experimental field plots.  I also encourage students in my lab to develop their own projects and some of these projects are focused on plant conservation questions.

Position Description: USOAR students in my lab will begin the year assisting other undergraduates and graduate students in my lab.  We have a regular undergraduate lab meeting and as the year progresses I will encourage students to make observations and come up with ideas for short-term research projects.

Required skills: I look for students who have an interest in organisms in their environments.  An interest in plants is particularly nice but not required.  I also look for students who are considering developing a career in science (not medicine).

Computer software: The computer skills needed can be learned once the student joins our lab

What you will learn: I hope that joining my lab will give students to chance to enjoy science, to learn how to ask scientific questions, and to understand that there are many new questions still to be asked.

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